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CBSS Staff Profiles

Nathan Poplawski

Nathan has been in public service for over 30 years.  He is a former law enforcement officer and hostage negotiator.  Nathan was a contract instructor and curriculum developer for the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission Basic Law Enforcement Academy for four years.  He has traveled to several states to train officers from various agencies. He has a passion for teaching and loves to make learning fun. He also likes to go get lost in the woods.

Nathan is certified as a Handgun 1, Handgun 2, Patrol Rifle, Shotgun, RDS, Designated Marksman and Private Security Instructor by the State of Washington.   He is also a 'Red Patch' graduate of Sage Dynamics RDS Handgun Instructor class.

Josh Erickson

Josh is an avid outdoors man who grew up hunting and fishing all around the basin.  He has been in local law enforcement since 2002 and is a certified field training officer and firearms instructor.

Tom Poplawski

Tom is a retired Washington State Park Ranger.  While with parks, Tom was a firearms, defensive tactics and verbal judo instructor.  He brings his communication skills and 34 years of law enforcement knowledge to each class he assists with.

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